Friday, January 22, 2016

Feel Good Friday - ArtTEK Tanna

One of the things that makes me feel good no matter what the day of the week, is the fact that I know so many people involved in Feel Good Friday activities! Today, we take a look at an organization run by my friend Janna Olson - ArtTEK Tanna!

TEK stands for Traditional Ecological Knowledge and Tanna, Vanuatu may sound familiar because in March, 2015 the island was hit by cyclone Pam, one of the worst in recent history. The people of Tanna are working to rebuild their communities and TEK Tanna - a presence before and after the cyclone - is helping.

As explained on the website, "TEK Tanna is a non-profit based in New York City working with the Lume Rural Training Center and five South Pacific tribes to build and operate a Resilient Societies Center located on Tanna, Vanuatu in the Melanesia. Its mission joins traditional and modern solutions from the world's most sustainable communities to fortify climate and cultural resilience."

Two of the community members are in the United Arab Emirates right now because one of their projects, a youth and community training lab, was a finalist in the Zayed Future Energy Prize! Although the team didn't win the cash prize this year, TEK Tanna still has the goal of creating the Naihné Resilient Societies Center (named after the founding tribe). It will offer youth programing which includes:

  • Renewable energy systems
  • Permaculture for food security
  • Construction with rapidly renewing materials
  • Cultural perpetuation in a country with 110 languages

All of the projects at the Lume Rural Training Center focus on developing cultural skills, renewable energy skills and professional skills for global citizens. The group really embodies their motto, "Creativity is the ultimate renewable resource."

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