Friday, December 4, 2015

Feel Good Friday - Hip Hop for Change

With the multiple mass shootings that have happened this week, it's important to me to keep posting the Feel Good Friday stories to remind us all that wonderful things are happening too.

Today, we're talking about Hip Hop for Change. I learned about the Oakland, California non-profit from this news story on KALW. Established in April, 2014 their website explains that Hip Hop for Change (HH4C) "uses grassroots activism to educate people about socio-economic injustices and advocate solutions through hip hop culture. We raise funds for local causes that enrich marginalized and historically oppressed communities."

As this video interview with founder and MC, Khafre Jay shows ,he is motivated to inspire young people that they can rap about their actual lives and social justice issues, rather than the misogynistic and materialistic topics that dominate current popular music. His goals and vision for HH4C include:

  1. Change the perception of hip hop perpetuated by the mainstream industry.
  2. Create an empowering organizational culture.
  3. Build infrastructure for justice in the Hood.
To achieve these goals, employees of HH4C go into schools to teach the history and importance of hip hop culture and into the community to have dialogues with people in their neighborhood. They promote shows with progressive music by local talent, and produce cds which you can buy for $15, and they support other community non-profits like East Oakland Community Project, Phat Beets Produce and Habitat for Humanity.

You can learn more about their featured artists and watch videos here. If you live in the Bay Area you can check out some of these upcoming events. No matter where you are, if you like what they do and want to support the original hip hop principles of "peace, love, unity and having fun" like the HH4C Facebook page and follow them on Twitter @hiphopforchang3. You see, there is something you can feel good about after all.

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