Friday, August 21, 2015

Feel Good Friday - Superhero Me

You know what makes me happy on Feel Good Friday? Little kids in Singapore picking out superhero powers and names and then creating costumes for themselves. It's almost too adorable to handle but I encourage you to try.

As explained on their website, Superhero Me "is a values-based craft movement inspiring children to develop a stronger sense of self through costume crafting. It aims to create awareness for early childhood education in Singapore and trigger children to discover the joy of creative confidence."

The goals of Superhero Me are to build character, celebrate imagination and affirm doing good. It all began on Children's Day 2014 to empower preschoolers from less privileged families and is a part of Startwell, "A national movement that seeks to give Singapore's children the best possible start in life."

Deciding on what superpowers they will possess and creating their costumes from start to finish gives the children a sense of power and pride - and it looks like a ton of fun! If you click the "meet the superheroes" section of the website, you can use a sliding tool to transform children in matching uniforms into superheroes with names such as Lady Rain, Singing Tornado Boy, Master Chef and Electro Claw.

If you want to inspire a child in your world to become a superhero, you can download the toolkit here.  Even more information and craft cutouts can be found at the website of the Superhero Me festival that was held in June, 2015.

To up the adorable factor, you can watch the full 11 minute documentary about the program here or check out the 6 minute version included in an article from Our Better World.

To support the work of the Superhero Me project, like the Startwell Facebook page or follow them on Twitter @StartwellSG. And, since you've still got over 2 months, perhaps this will inspire you to Superhero You for Halloween!

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