Friday, June 12, 2015

Feel Good Friday - National Center for Transgender Equality

By now, you've most likely seen the current issue of Vanity Fair introducing the world to Caitlyn Jenner. This debut, and the fact that June is Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender pride month, makes it a great time to spend Feel Good Friday talking about the T in LGBT!

Since 2003, National Center for Transgender Equality (NCTE) has been providing a transgender advocacy presence in Washington, D.C. As explained on the website, "The National Center for Transgender Equality is a national social justice organization devoted to ending discrimination and violence against transgender people. By empowering transgender people and our allies to educate and influence policymakers and others, NCTE facilitates a strong and clear voice for transgender equality in our nation's capital and around the country."

Much of their advocacy work focuses on:

  • ending discrimination in the workplace
  • ensuring transgender people have access to healthcare
  • ensuring transgender people have access to accurate identity documents
  • ending mistreatment in jails and prisons
They also work on issues such as aging, housing and immigration. A complete list of issues can be found here.

Not only is NCTE working to affect public policy, they also provide practical "Know Your Rights" guides for transgender people having to navigate what can become complication situations such as employment, public accommodations and airport security. All the available guides can be found here.

With people such as Caitlyn Jenner and Laverne Cox helping to raise awareness of the transgender community, it's good to know there is an organization working on both awareness and equality.

For more information you can listen to The Diane Rehm show (52m), to hear from several transgender advocates, including Harper Jean Tobin, Director of Policy at the NCTE.

If you're short on time, watch an introductory 3:38 minute video and keep current by liking the NCTE  Facebook page and following them on Twitter @TransEquality. You may also enjoy reading about #MyVanityFairCover where a variety of transgender people introduce themselves to the world ala Caitlyn.

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