Friday, September 27, 2013

Feel Good Friday - Camp Diva

Last week we learned about support for children in Nepal. Today Feel Good Friday brings you a story about children in Virginia.

Camp Diva was founded in 2004 and named after a 5 year-old girl who was killed in a firearm accident earlier that year. Her mother, Clover, wanted to create a program that would support young girls and develop in them some of the characteristics her daughter possessed. She teamed up with Angela Patton and Camp Diva was born.

Their mission as stated on the website is "to provide opportunities for teen girls to prepare themselves spiritually, physically, socially, emotionally, intellectually, and culturally, for their passage into womanhood." Every summer they have a five week long retreat and during the school year there are several after school programs available for the girls.

There is also an annual "Date with Dad Dinner and Dance", an event designed to strengthen the relationship between fathers and daughters and provide a place for them to spend quality time together. What's most unusual about this event is that they've brought it behind prison walls!

A documentary film called, "Locked In NOT Locked Out" is being made about these father-daughter dances in prison and there is a trailer posted online.

To hear a first hand account of how the prison program came about, you can watch Angela Patton's TEDx Talk.  As always, if you're short on time but want to make sure you're in the loop, like their Facebook page and while you're there, like the Inspiration Safari Facebook page too!

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