Monday, June 4, 2012

Summer Volunteer Vacation

You know I am a fan of the volunteer vacation.  I've gone on six volunteer builds with Habitat for Humanity, each one unique and memorable in it's own way, and I hope to one day turn that number into seven.

If ditch digging, cement mixing and house building isn't your thing - you can still have a fantastic volunteer experience abroad.  Journeys For Good is an organization dedicated to giving you all the information and inspiration you need to travel the world and make a difference.  Check out their website, book yourself a trip and then go find your passport!  Actually, you should probably switch the order of those items up just a tad.
Taking a break from painting
in Madagascar to pose
in the window. 

And if you think a Habitat trip just may be your cup of tea after all, watch the video from my 2007 trip to Madagascar to help you decide: Go Mad!

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Joseph P. said...

Summer volunteer is an experience to cherish which not everyone can do. An event happen only once a year with lot of activities to do which regards to volunteering. Help and learn those who need us.

Joseph @ volunteering abroad