Monday, January 16, 2012

Do You Have a Dream?

Much like the beginning of the year, Martin Luther King Day puts me in a reflective mood. We've all heard or read his speech and know that he had a dream but what about you? Or me?

In 2007, I left a job in the corporate world, took a video camera and went to Africa to document people working on projects that had a positive impact in their communities. While I was traveling, I was also one of the subjects of a documentary film about people following their dreams.  It screened at the Santa Fe Film Festival in 2009, which was fabulous! (If you haven't seen the trailer, you can see it here: Dream)

After returning to San Francisco, I made some efforts towards making my dream a reality but not as many as I would have liked. Well, that's about to change. 2012 is the year that I get back on track. I've upgraded my skills, now it's time to upgrade my equipment and head back out on the road!

When, where, how - these are all questions that still need answers but questions I intend to answer by the end of February. Ha! Stay tuned for updates here. You see what you can get done on a day with no mail delivery?

What's your dream? What steps will you take in 2012 to make it happen?

Countdown to Slamdance: 5 days!

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sustainerNYC said...

Aha! You've hit it on the head. I'm feeling the same rededicated spirit that you are. This year, I'm looking further and wider on the horizon than in all the years before.

My dream is for our species to take enough collective action to slow, then halt, climate change in ways that even fortify peace and prosperity for more of us, amazing humans.

What I want to do is find a fun, inspiring way (that's crucial) to bring national and international attention to the precious necessity of protecting fresh water supplies through a variety of key actions that aren't always connected to it (or even each other) in our minds:

1. Ending extreme energy extraction, like gas and oil which remove (literally) trillions of gallons of fresh water-turned-toxic from our hydrological cycle, to pull smaller and smaller quantities of energy from the earth.

2. Subsidizing more renewable energy and the research that improves our capacity to manufacture it with less water while maximizing our harvest of wind, sun, micro-hydro and geo-thermal power. (We can fund this by shifting fossil fuel subsidies coupled with feed-in tariffs.)

3. Working to promote the wisdom of indigenous cultures, who have lived in harmony with nature's systems for hundreds and thousands of years without deforesting the planet or toxifying vast aquifers of fresh water.

4. Wrapping many of these practices into a replicable demonstration model that stays local but connects internationally to European, North American and Asian societies in the globalized world through art and music.

As you know, Miss K, I've got a few ideas about how to go about this. But Imma call you up soon to share a few new ones and see if that sparks any fresh insights into your how to live the dream in 2012!

As always, thanks for the inspiration and super coolness!!!