Sunday, April 3, 2011

Bushman Goes to Sonoma!

Well, you know, the Bushman isn't going but I am and so is my film, "Behind the Bush"!

The short documentary film about the bushmen of Fisherman's Wharf that premiered at the Castro Theater in February is going to the Sonoma International Film Festival! It will screen as part of the short documentary program on the morning of Saturday, April 9th and the afternoon of Sunday, April 10th.

My co-director and co-producer Alison is on the verge of having a baby so I'll be making the road trip with
our editor, Edmondo. Another Scary Cow film is going to be at the festival so we will be doing our best to represent the herd.

It's one thing to get recognition within the Scary Cow community and it's another fabulous thing to get recognition outside the community! Arrangements are being made to get us passes to the festival.

From what I understand our passes will get us into all the movies and all the events except the Susan Sarandon tribute where they give her a lifetime achievement award and then screen "Thelma and Louise". Really? Fine. If I have to put T&L in my Netflix queue and then make up entertaining anecdotes to share as if I was Susan Sarandon, I will. I really will.

In the meantime, I've got to work on some of the logistics for the road trip, get my act together and practice my schmoozing. I most definitely want to be schmoozing at the top of my game when Susan comes over and asks me how it was I met all these bushmen!

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