Thursday, November 5, 2009

"Dream" Goes to the Santa Fe Film Festival!

As many of you know... in the summer of 2007 I quit my perfectly good job, packed up a video camera and went to Africa in search of people making a difference in their communities. All the while, I was recording video diaries of my exploits and sending them to a filmmaker in Boston who was putting together a documentary film called "Dream" which documents the journeys of six people who are attempting to achieve our various dreams.

I'm happy to report... the film is finished and will be shown Thursday, December 3rd at the Santa Fe Film Festival!

Check out the trailer below and please... share comments, rate the video, make it a favorite, pass it on... all these things help create buzz and buzz is what our film needs!

And if anyone wants to join me in Santa Fe... call me up and let's make it happen!

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