Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Are You My Customer?

Hey All,

As you may have noticed when watching the movies I have posted on YouTube, I end them all with a copyright to Hey Miss K Productions.  But at this point, what is Hey Miss K Productions? Something I've printed on a business card.  Seems to me like it needs to be more.

So - I've been taking classes with the Small Business Administration.  I've been given an overview of the tax implications of incorporating as a sole proprietor vs. a c-corp or an s-corp (best if you don't ask me but take the class yourself) and I've learned of all the elements I need to consider to put together a business plan.

The first question is "who is your customer"?  When I think of who I want to see these movies, the answer is "everyone".  That seems a bit too broad.  Then there are the questions about what the unmet need is for this group and how your service will fill it.  If that's not enough, one must identify a market, scope out the competition and forecast sales.  Those things seem so much more straightforward if you're opening a restaurant or an eco-friendly dry cleaning business.

It's quite possibly time for me to go sit in a cabin in the woods to figure this all out or brainstorm with people or write down some options, put them in a hat, close my eyes and pick one.  

Instead of doing any of this, I've started editing safari footage!  3 hours and 15 minutes of footage has already been cut down to 35 minutes as I have realized you CAN have too many shots of elephants walking.  The best news is... there's still more cutting to be done.  You'll be thrilled to know there will undoubtedly be a 30 minute version for Tracy and I to relive the trip and a 10 (or so) minute version for everyone else who wants to see it, but only a little.

Why here's a little now!

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