Sunday, March 10, 2002

India - I'm Here!

Hey All,

Well we made it. We’ve been flying, flying, flying… but are finally in Thiruvananthapuram (aka Trivandrum). Can I tell you… it is HOT! 90 something and humid. But I’m sitting in our air-conditioned hotel so it’s all good. We were greeted with Jasmine leis and fresh coconut juice.

Everyone from the trip is here and seems pretty cool. We’re still playing the getting to know you game. We’ve got a team orientation in ½ hour… I think it is going to be a Nana light-some-candles-talk-about-why-you’re-here-get-a-buddy special. Then later we have a Habitat orientation to find out what’s what.

New York was cool and I was able to hang out with Mark and Janna. Janna and I went to dinner at a new hip restaurant in the East Village called the Tasting Room (I think). So cool.

Okay… the group is converging so I’m going to sign out. Just wanted to let you know we arrived in one, tired, hot, sweaty piece.


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