Wednesday, June 17, 1998

Miss K in South America

Buenos Dias!

Well, I made it here just fine. The flight was too long and very tiring. During the stop over in San Jose, Costa Rica, the airline arranged for us to take a tour instead of stiing in the airport for four hours. All we really did was look at things from the bus but it was better than sitting at the airport.

I found the hostal Eva Luna and am set up there. Right now I'm the only person in a room designed for 6. That's okay by me. I got breakfast this morning at Super Papa. You get juice, coffee, bacon, ham, potatoes, eggs and rolls for $3. Good God! I went to arrange my Galapagos tour and now I'm at the So Amer. Explorer's Club using the email.

I will get in touch with y'all again whem I'm in Lima - after the islands.


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